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  • au·​gust

    /ôˈɡəst/ adjective
    Marked by majestic dignity or grandeur

  • ter·ra

    /ˈterə/ noun
    The land

Development Approach

The Augusterra Group is dedicated to improving the environment, reflecting a quest to create beauty and balance in its projects. This approach has enabled Augusterra to establish a new benchmark for luxury.

Collaborating closely with a best-in-class team to create ideal residential and commercial spaces. Offering original designs, every project is unique based on the natural qualities of the site and local ecosystem. The Augusterra Group seeks to create an environment that uplifts the human experience.

Investment Criteria

The Augusterra Group actively pursues investment opportunities across Florida primarily focusing on the I-75 corridor from Tampa Bay to Naples. With success in both commercial and residential asset classes, Augusterra will review opportunities for acquisition, redevelopment, and development. With a foundation in the fundamentals, favorable investment conditions include barriers to entry and the ability to uncover and create long-term value. Augusterra targets acquisitions at below value with potential to add value or execute on opportunistic strategies. Development focuses on supply constrained growth markets with physical and financial barriers to entry.

Through an active management approach, Augusterra is able to uncover hidden value in real estate. Balancing a carefully managed approach with a creative perspective, Augusterra excels at solving puzzles, delivering the unique, and establishing long term value.

Southwest Corridor

Geographic Focus – Southwest Florida

With historical experience acquiring, developing, and operating in eleven states and the District of Columbia, Augusterra is currently seeking value-creation opportunities primarily in the growth markets of Tampa Bay and Naples, Florida, with a secondary focus on other Florida markets along the I-75 corridor.

Strategic Principles

  • Deep value in real estate is created on a local level.
  • Barriers to entry drive appreciating values.
  • Acting in the best interest of the property yields greater long- term value.
  • As location is key to the value of any real estate, basis is key to the value of every investment.
  • Opportunities and execution strategies are analyzed and considered from all angles.
  • True real estate value often lies below the surface, obscured by its as-is condition.
  • Deep value in real estate is created on a local level.
  • A data-driven approach guides strategy and mitigates informational risk.